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  1. P5 headphones are very easy on the ears, thanks to an ergonomic design and a headband and earpads crafted from the finest quality New Zealand sheep’s leather. Durable and hardwearing, yet remarkably soft and supple, it makes long listening sessions feel more comfortable than ever.

    Gimmicky effects like artificially enhanced bass or treble quickly become tiring with extended listening. With P5, what you get is as close as possible to the true, unadulterated sound of the original recording, as you were meant to hear it. They’re the best headphones available when you want a more natural sound, and longer-lasting listening enjoyment.

    A closed-back design with rigid metal faceplates and sealed-leather earpads ensures that all the detail and dynamic range of your music is kept intact, with minimum noise interference. At the same time, you’ll hear just enough ambient sound to preserve a sense of place. For those who don’t need full noise cancelling headphones, it’s perfect for listening to music on the go.

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