Omega Seamaster Special Forces

“In December they talked about SBS Seamasters but this was still unconfirmed rumors and something of a minor myth or urban legend amongst military watch collectors.  Then they were all but unknown to the collector community, but now it seems to be veritably raining UKSF Seamasters.”

omega seamaster sas

You have to take a step back to the original Rolex Submarine watch, the first to be defined by true military specifications and collaboration with stringent military grade benchmark:

“They were a different breed of beast entirely.  Not only were they officially issued and thus more highly coveted by military watch collectors, but they were custom modified by Rolex at the factory from the drawing table forward with specially made hands, bezels, and special fixed bar lugs according to Royal Navy and Royal Marines stringent specifications, so much so that some like the 5517 were actually given a separate model reference that was never commercialized.  So not only is there an issue pedigree, but the Milsubs were substantially differentiable from the regular production models in form and function.”

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Thumbtack’s service offering

Began using this new social business tool from Thumbtack, which effectively allows you to publish your services and prospect for work. It seems a slick and good first version for helping people to identify people and companies to conduct services and do good work for fair prices.

Is this a kind of airbnb for tradesmen?

kawasaki z750

Curious seat design.

Everything works just fine on the Z750 unless the road’s bumpy, you’re heavier than average or you ride hard. The unadjustable front’s too soft and the rear is too harsh – and twiddling the shock’s four-step rebound adjustment makes next to no difference.

VW Camper

Wonderful. Rest assured – a waterproof floor is stitched into the base of the tent. The floor has been tested and apparently it survived the worst the Welsh (UK) wind and rain can throw at it. Go drive a tent.

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Steve Mcqueen Bonneville

1962 Triumph Bonneville.

Triumph makes some excellent machines, but tribute bikes like this are a marketing gimmick. Flat paint is the flavor of the month and exploiting McQueen’s excellent name to sell bikes is pretty lame.

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Press to Open

Amazingly simple yet amazingly clever design. Deserved mention

“Press-To-Open” flat keyrings by Eric von Schoultz made of sand blasted stainless steel. Just press/pinch and the leverage helps open the end! Easy to slip the keys on and off when needed. Saves those nails and fustrations

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Volvo = You

Volvo’s “You Inside” program inviting customers to be the inspiration for the next generation of Volvo cars very instructive.  With this program Volvo joins a growing number of companies, many featured on this board, who are designing their futures with customers.

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Builders brew

tea cups

Terrible at getting the brew spot on? These Pantone tea cups bring color guide with different shades of brown that you can use to make sure you add exactly the right amount of milk to your drink. File under painful reminder to get your tea shade spot-on.

Moleskine iPad

Impressive new moleskin concept.

Impressive new moleskin concept

Stay relevant in the digital age by solving the case problem and allowing the usage of handwritten notes to compliment the benefits of digital media. Like it, not sure it will grow beyond a niche market. According to Gadling’s coverage of the launch:

The way we saw it, it was Moleskine vs. the inevitable march of 1s and 0s that would eventually consume us all. No longer (actually, Moleskine already sells a Kindle cover, but we’re temporarily ignoring that for argument’s sake). Moleskine just announced a Digital Covers line of hybrid notebooks that include a pad of regular, “legendary” notebook paper alongside a cozy spot for your i-device of choice. Will this combination (some might say compromise) make you smarter, your prose more concise, your beard more intellectual? Of course it will. But at what cost? Sure, literature survived the decline of penmanship with the emergence of Mark Twain and his typewriter, and Douglas Adams championed the Macintosh to no end, but now that Moleskine has gone and sullied its own reputation we’re finally ready to just go ahead and say it: the novel is dead.

Buy it from Amazon for $79.95

Mercury Ocean Skateboard

Loving this chrome skateboard This chrome skateboard is the god of all boards.

Mekanism Skateboards, along with sculptor Olafur Eliasson (who recently installed waterfalls in NYC), have unveiled a new skateboard called “Your Mercury Ocean” that is made of 13-ply boards with a fantastic chrome finish on the top and bottom.

According to Format, only 90 of these will be produced, so expect them to sell for more than a pretty penny.

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Dr Ruben Rausing, the founder of Tetra Pak once remarked,

“Packaging Should Save More Than It Costs”

Tetrapak has a healthy 8 billion euro business packaging liquids and food products exemplifying how to be elegantly simple yet highly innovative.