Defying Gravity

Tokyo Photographer ‘Levitates’

Natsumi Hayashi makes flying look easy. But these defying gravity self-portraits that seem to show the Toyko photographer levitating above the ground are actually the result of a lot of hard work.

“Sometimes I need to jump more than 300 times to get the perfect shot,” Hayashi told on June 8.

Hayashi blogs a levitating picture-of-the-day each day on her website, Either working with an assistant or using a self-timer, she uses photography to freeze herself hanging in the air in diners, phone booths and on Tokyo sidewalks.

Hayashi makes no bones about her levitation being an illusion.

4 Replies to “Defying Gravity”

  1. This is obviously a little strange at first. The photographer takes upwards of 300+ images to capture this kind of weird, weightless pose. Amazing sight when you look at the whole series. Cool effect.

  2. That’s the coolest thing I have seen all day! All year for that matter! She really looks as if she is really floating above the objects in her pictures. Not only is she getting the perfect jump in the shots, but her clothes and hair look normal and not like she jumped or even moved.

  3. She jumped for this shot? Pretty high for a rather petite woman. A very cool shot for sure! Interesting look, but 300 jumps to get there? My legs would be TIRED… you know?

  4. Funny. I just saw an article showing the most famous ‘faked’ paranormal pictures. One was of a levitating mystic – who had his pic snapped while jumping.

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