La Jetée

La Jetée 1962 France
Director Chris Marker
Jean Négroni, Hélène Chatelain, Davos Hanich, Jacques Ledoux
Japan 1990 (1st Japanese release)

Rolled poster 20×28 was $450

Defying Gravity

Tokyo Photographer ‘Levitates’

Natsumi Hayashi makes flying look easy. But these defying gravity self-portraits that seem to show the Toyko photographer levitating above the ground are actually the result of a lot of hard work.

“Sometimes I need to jump more than 300 times to get the perfect shot,” Hayashi told on June 8.

Hayashi blogs a levitating picture-of-the-day each day on her website, Either working with an assistant or using a self-timer, she uses photography to freeze herself hanging in the air in diners, phone booths and on Tokyo sidewalks.

Hayashi makes no bones about her levitation being an illusion.

Yosemite Odessa Lake

Liking this sketch. Reminded us of those now famous pen and ink shots from the beloved Lake District artist, Alfred Wainwright.

Yosemite Odessa Lake

It looks to be a great day in New York City for venturing out into the wilds. Follow these great explorers (consider climbing).

Michael Bosanko’s light graffiti

First covered by the Guardian who ran this story back in 2009.

Invasion: ‘What I feel I am trying to convey is a sense of an aesthetically pleasing shape that clearly does not belong in that particular place or area,’ says Bosanko. Based in Cardiff, most of the light art is drawn either in the empty urban night spaces of cities like Newport and the artist’s home town, or in the more desolate landscapes of the Breacon Beacons.

He spent the past five years developing his technique. These images were taken with a long exposure on a digital Canon camera. Thirty-nine-year-old photographic artist Michael Bosanko has made these pictures, which have not been Photoshopped, using colored torches at night in the same way that an artist uses a paintbrush. His digital camera stays on a long exposure, ranging from 10 seconds to one hour to create the images against the backdrop of Cardiff, Newport and the Brecon Beacons in south Wales

David Lynch

Great slideshow in today’s Guardian featuring David Lynch sketches. Gorgeous artifacts of visual thinking.

This year the acclaimed director of Mulholland Drive turned to publisher Steidl to collate his new book, ‘Works on Paper’, featuring more than 500 of his drawings dating from the 1960s onwards.

Payne’s Grey

Stunning palette:

Payne’s grey is a dark blue-grey colour used in painting. It can be used as a mixer in place of black. Being less intense than black, it is easier to get the right shade when using it as a mixer.

Payne’s grey is a mixture of ultramarine and black or of ultramarine and Sienna.


Great article from NYTimes about Inakadate.

Every spring in the rice paddies of the small town of Inakadate, Japan, locals work together to painstakingly plant and groom different hues of rice to create massive, intricate works of art before harvesting the rice in September.

This year’s masterpiece, a depiction of a samurai fighting a warrior monk, is in its full splendor. A tradition since 1993, the rice art attracts thousands of visitors every year. Amazing sight I would imagine.