Failure: The Secret of Success

It’s often said, “Always dare to fail. Always take chances, and never give yourself the comfort of not trying”. In honor of Edison who’s rare successes beat the 10,000 failures.

Failure. The mere thought can paralyze even the most heroic thinkers and keep great ideas off the drawing board. But is failing really that bad? We get an inside look at the mishaps of Honda racers, designers and engineers to learn how they draw upon failure to motivate them to succeed. From poor color choices to blown race engines, these risk-taking individuals provide an honest look at what most people fear most. Watch the film and discover the upside of failure.

5 Replies to “Failure: The Secret of Success”

  1. Love this reference to soul/performance:

    The thing I love about Honda is unlike Toyota, Honda puts a little bit of soul and performance into each car they build.

    The very first car ever made by Honda was a sports car, the Honda S500. Since then, a little bit of the S500 lives on in every car Honda has made. I have never driven a Honda vehicle that I didn’t like due to its handling or performance relative to its market.

    1. You know what, it’s not that often you can smile at the authentic passion/purpose of a company. I felt Honda gave us all some inspiring life lessons. As for that squeaky clutch (whilst annoying) it’s even more fasinating to ponder them knowingly addressing it over and over again, hungry to understand why.

    1. I’m a big believer in the “fail fast, succeed sooner” motto. So not denying that failure will happen, or indeed avoiding it, but saying lets fail as soon as possible and get to the good stuff quicker.

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