Indie Labs

Indie labs

New Big Cartel is the equivalent of a drag and drop shopping cart experience. Super simple and real easy to deploy. Looking forward to checking it out for

Big Cartel has made it easy for thousands of bands, record labels, clothing designers, artists, crafters, and independent businesses to make beautiful stores to sell their stuff online.

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  1. From IndieLabs website:


    * we’re about building great things with a small, passionate team
    * we enjoy being independent, not trying to be the “next” anything
    * we’re lucky enough to work with artists, designers & other creative types
    * we focus on happiness before profits


    * you can work wherever you’d like
    * you get treated like an adult, we trust you to get shit done
    * you can work normal hours, and enjoy your personal life
    * you get spoiled like a grandchild

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