Adventure Awaits


Stumbled upon a striking image on the Guardian site. It’s taken in Bolivia capturing the realism/fragility of a man women deep on a bike adventure. This kind of trip is the ultimate rite of passage. SEE: I’m green with envy —Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor style adventure.

The winning shot by Sheonagh Ravensdale: “A spot of bother on the main road between Uyuni and Oruro in Bolivia. A challenging ten hour ride that included 20km on this soft sandy road and several river crossings. But we made it – two women in our fifties on a 15,000 mile ride through South America.”

Caroline Hunter, deputy picture editor of Guardian weekend magazine, said: “I chose this as the winning image as to me it perfectly expresses a certain moment in time, which is what good photography is all about. It’s a candid behind-the-scenes reportage shot that reveals the realism and vulnerability involved in making a road trip when there is only oneself and the challenge of an open road ahead of you, until you reach that picture-perfect location that enticed you to make the trip in the first place.”

BBC Personalise

The BBC are experimenting with some home page personalization, starting with lower level pages. The Guardian article examines the parallels with iGoogle, deciding that it was worth the effort, if only to prove a point.

I would put forth that adapting the experience, giving you choices for “what” to consume and “how” to consume it, gives rise to a whole new strategy of “adapting”. The technology to support this effort is now well known and refined, we can thank web 2.0 (yahoo/ for such an approach.

The greatest challenge comes from refining the parameters of choice — meaning, giving you thoughtful ways to present information so that it’s still very usable. The assets I would want at my disposal would include shifting the headline, length of story, article summary, size and placement of a picture, maybe a community feed or a twitter feed?