Adventure Awaits


Stumbled upon a striking image on the Guardian site. It’s taken in Bolivia capturing the realism/fragility of a man women deep on a bike adventure. This kind of trip is the ultimate rite of passage. SEE: I’m green with envy —Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor style adventure.

The winning shot by Sheonagh Ravensdale: “A spot of bother on the main road between Uyuni and Oruro in Bolivia. A challenging ten hour ride that included 20km on this soft sandy road and several river crossings. But we made it – two women in our fifties on a 15,000 mile ride through South America.”

Caroline Hunter, deputy picture editor of Guardian weekend magazine, said: “I chose this as the winning image as to me it perfectly expresses a certain moment in time, which is what good photography is all about. It’s a candid behind-the-scenes reportage shot that reveals the realism and vulnerability involved in making a road trip when there is only oneself and the challenge of an open road ahead of you, until you reach that picture-perfect location that enticed you to make the trip in the first place.”

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