Be Fearful Of Mediocrity

Getting ready for this year’s themed party in the style of a classy 1950’s sub-editor. Strangest Halloween dare.

CopyBlogger put’s this comment in it’s proper and full context:

Countless psychological studies have shown that the fear of failure is the number one barrier to personal success. We fear failure because we don’t separate tasks from ourselves, and therefore our self-esteem is at risk every time we attempt to do anything we really want to achieve.

In other words, we’re afraid of being humiliated, because at the subconscious level, we link failure to humiliation. So how do we get over our fear of failure and its misguided companion humiliation?

* Admit you’re afraid to fail.
* Realize that every time you fail, you’ve become a better writer/designer.
* Recognize that each failure brings you one step closer to success.
* Relish the learning experience, and reject the illusion of humiliation.


When it comes to your writing dreams and goals, being safe is a fate worse than death. Not only do your dreams die, but you get to live the rest of your life knowing it. Our brains work against us here. We’re designed to embrace consistency, safety and familiarity, but those who dare to seek unfamiliar territory claim the spoils. In truth, no matter how much you achieve, you’ll need to keep pushing into new areas and purposely scaring yourself, so just get used to it.

* What’s the worse that could happen? Often, it’s not really all that bad.
* Risk-taking breeds self-confidence. Every time you survive, you thrive.
* Look before you leap? Just jump.

Just do it. Nike might just be right.

h/t: yellowtrace + copyblogger

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