Digital TV muses

Several buddies have just developed apps for the iPhone. Rejected apps are coming back with feedback from Apple – “Sorry, Minimal User Interaction”

I think this is an excellent construct for digital iTV. Our message is about the power of compelling user experience on TV with the measurability of the web. Compelling user experience is our life insurance policy as we build this amazing next-generation iTV platform.

Apple’s 360 Life Cycle

# 1, Apple says we need to be satisfied that users must really benefit from it, that it fulfills some unmet need. Apple says build us gloriously beautiful experience that are useful/fun and we’ll deploy them for free. We agree!

# 2, That goes full circle — now the audience are demanding iPhones (in-part) because of these high-value apps and the user experience benchmark keeps getting higher every month thereby rising more demand for product. Our cable/satellite customers/networks would agree!

# 3, From a development stand-point they’ve created an eco-system of developers that can build for the platform using a friendly GUI based environment, allowing some very clever API’s. Data flows back and forth. Calls to the trickery inside of the phone are instantaneous. Very cool.

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  1. It’s funny for some people when I said I do not own Iphone, or Ipod at all. I’m so old fashion in the way less electronic device, more socialize face to face. Well, we are not all the same. Giant Apple sell the products like a hot cakes. Do you own any Apple product?

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