Flat Earth Society

The people of the Flat Earth Society believe that this place is one of the four corners of the world; the very edge of the earth. Fancy that.

Nowhere in the world looks like Newfoundland and Labrador the most easterly point of North America, perched on the edge of a continent. This chapter evokes the strange and terrible beauty of our landscape and seascape, in stark contrast to the typical images found in most glossy tourism advertising.

Director Alar Kivilo.

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  1. Does anybody know what camera was used to shoot this? I know the production company is Sons and Daughters and director/cinematographer is Alar Kivilo, but just curious what he’s shooting with. Stunning work.

    The following cameras were used in production of this ad:
    HD Cineflex Digital System for aerials.
    35mm Arriflex 435ES for everything on the ground.

    Director Alar Kivilo–incredibly talented and has a great eye. Nice job capturing Newfoundland & Labrador’s natural beauty. Whilst he’s originally from Estonia but lives and works in Hollywood.

    The original music for this spot was composed by Eric Harry of Eric Harry Music in Toronto.

  2. Halifax Hercules said:

    “I drove through Gros Morne National Park during my recent summer vacation, and I have to say its a great place to visit. The Northern Peninsula area north of Gros Morne is like being in another world as villages are situated on the lowlands, trees are smaller, and the weather is cooler. You can’t go wrong with visiting both Gros Morne National Park and the Northern Peninsula.”

    Ancient Land is a celebration of the rugged natural beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador. Shot in Torngat Mountains National Park it showcases one of the world’s last true wilderness areas, rich with natural wonders including icebergs and polar bears.


  3. Stunning cinematography. I had to watch it several times. Now, Flat Earth Society? Eh! There was a politician running for the head of the school board we called Flat Earth Earnie for his anti-science agenda. LOL. He lost.

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