Casino Royale Train Scene

The complexity of these two people facing off is one of the most intriguing character scenes.

Casino Royale centers more on Bond, the brutality of the villains, a credible plot and importantly ditches the computer generated images. Craig, a contemporary reincarnation, delivers a gritty, humanistic performance–a ruthless, chauvinistic loyalist with a taste for the finer things in life. Initially lacking suavity, he is unruly, undisciplined, unrefined. Asked how he would like his martini he replies, ‘Does it look like I give a damn?’ Bond effectively ‘grows up’ and is primed to become the super-spy we know and love. His mission is to derail the funding of world terrorist organisations by defeating poker player Le Chiffre, the archetypal Bond villain who will do anything to win. Director Martin Campbell skilfully engrosses us in the ensuing action and drama, even holding our attention during potentially boring poker games.

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