OFFF Paris 2010

Rather nice titles for the OFFF conference. An underwater deep sea world, full of these beautiful aquatic creatures and ionosphere sounds give it a really dreamy feeling.

Jeff Bezos about Amazon

Outstanding gems of philosophy for any business or entrepreneur. Thank you for sharing and best wishes to Amazon and Zappos. This is how CEO’s should be, being able to speak to everyone on a same level and imparting and reinforcing statements and knowledge in a down to earth manner.


Doing a bunch of new design work for Nickelodeon, including the king of the bubbles…

Pleasures with ichat

Apple iChat enabled this sparky conversation with some distant friends in Scotland. Okay, some credit does go to broadband internet for providing a fast, stutter-free video connection. I’m putting this up out of great respect for the humor/spontaneity of good video chat. These lovely bunch of friends are all alumni of Edinburgh College of Art.