Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Evan Williams steps down and moves into product development:

Twitter CEO Evan Williams

Guardian reports today on how Twitter is entering the second phase of the company’s growth potential as Evan moves to bring Dick Costolo in as CEO:

Growing big is no success, in itself. Success to us means meeting our potential as a profitable company that can retain its culture and user focus while having a positive impact on the world. This is no small task. I frequently reflect on the type of focus that is required from everyone at Twitter to get us there.”

Williams says he will personally focus on product strategy: “I am most satisfied while pushing product direction. Building things is my passion, and I’ve never been more excited or optimistic about what we have to build.”

Wonderful quote and very inspiring way to describe the passion for making things.

Good Manners

I’m just saying, annoying twitter remarks come down to a simple premise: Ask yourself do you really need to tell us that?

Pull a page out of the twitter playbook: ‘I shall not commit unnecessary annoying personal remarks without due course and attention’.

Odds Are You Live in a City

The American Life Project has just finishing examining social networking tools. New twitter research is suggesting that in this early adaption phase, it’s the people living in cities that are doing all the talking (compared to rural). No surprises, but what’s interesting is that whilst Myspace and Facebook has a much lower demographic (sweet spot of 24 years old), twitter skews all the up and beyond the 35+ market too.

“The use of Twitter is highly intertwined with the use of other social media; both blogging and social network use increase the likelihood than an individual also uses Twitter. Twitter users and status updaters are also a mobile bunch; as a group they are much more likely to be using wireless technologies — laptops, handhelds and cell phones — for internet access, or cell phones for text messaging.”

First came across the story on NYTimes, who didnt add much to the data or conversation.