Snow News is Good News

Beautiful sentiment.

Echoes of the Little Ice Age are reverberating across Europe, and illustrator Andrew Groves responded to all the white falling from the sky with this new piece of work. Speaking strictly for all of us, we couldn’t agree more. “Snow News Is Good News” is available for a limited time as a giclee print

h/t @ adventure journal

Peaceful Warrior

Beautiful image worthy of your attention.

Peaceful warrior poster

Peaceful Warrior: Arrogant and talented Dan Millman seems to have the perfect college life, with good looks, grades, and a shot at the Olympics in gymnastics. One night Dan meets a strange old man named Socrates, with a philosophical approach to life that gives him special powers. Dan begs Socrates to share his secret of his abilities to help him achieve gold in the Olympics. However things start to go terribly wrong and his life deteriorates before him. Dan must learn a new way of thinking and let go of all his expectations and live in the now. Scott Mechlowicz, who starred in the teen comedy Euro Trip, plays the gymnast star Dan Millman, who learns to explore his inner strengths in addition to his already physical and outside qualities. Interviews: Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart.

I will be happier

Putting yourself in the shoes of your users is the only way to get immersed in the problems/pleasures. In celebration of user-centered-design a poster.

Long Distance Runner



1960’s release for the classic British movie. It’s easy to say that this is way closer to art than commerce. Modern movie poster design now is one of the most critical instruments in defining/establishing the target audience, wrapping emotional messaging and plot devices into an image that drives the marketing machine. The top poster seems so damn quaint comparatively.