Honeymoon Hotel Feature

Bruce & Emma Willis: Honeymoon Hotel Feature in W Magazine
[Warning: Bit Raunchy and Futurist]

Max Azria’s leather and suede dress, to order, at Max Azria, maxazria.com. Balmain belt; Abakus cuff; Nina Ricci booties. On him: Calvin Klein’s nylon and lycra briefs,

It caused quite the stir, just look at the reactions:

“The photo shoot is fantastic. Anyone who feels the photos are overtly
sexual or bruces age is a factor is being completely ridiculous.You
can see the man is really fit.I feel anyone with half a brain would
jump at the chance to do an artistic shoot with top designers for
whatever reason and if you know anything about S&M would know that
shoot is soft as ice cream. Anyone who says different is just being

“It’s often said that kinky is the new gay and more people are coming
out every day. Whether they are, or they aren’t, this is a tasteful
light treat and a delight to those of us who are. Bravo to them for
having the guts to do something a little different – and do it well at
that. For those who are offended, that’s too bad – try opening your
minds just a hairline crack?”

“Yuck. Good photography. Not into the pseudo-s&m thing. Good for her
career. Gets people thinking about Bruce Willis again. I think the
whole divorce thing is weird. If you can be friends, you can be
married. I miss the old Bruce when he was funny, and married to Demi.
I also don’t get Ashton Kutcher. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. These kind of narcissistic
displays are so boring.”