Manhattan Neighborhoods

Still a gem.

I have a feeling that Alexander Cheek’s stunning map of Manhattan’s many neighborhoods has made the rounds on the net before, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it. I’m really enjoying his subtle use of color and typography. Who doesn’t love Gotham?

Props @alexander.cheek hat tip to @adampolselli

Sunnys Bar

Sunny's Bar Red Hook

Sunny’s last of the longshoreman’s bars in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They are only open a few nights per week, the only visible sign of life is a sign stating the not-so-obvious status as a ‘bar’. Know for poetry readings, stage occasional plays and music gigs.

Old Man of Coniston

The blind climber story quickly gained status amongst the locals. It’s a story that could of easily become folklore, a old man loses his sight and against all odds, starts climbing the local mountain in aid of charity. I stumbled across this documentary by pure chance. What happened was a blind climber story had quickly gained cult status amongst the local’s mountain community in Cumbria (North of England).

Arriving in the village of Coniston, I wandered into the local post office and asked for directions. Sure enough, they knew a blind climber who’s actually better known as Charles Turnbull, 86, a retired police inspector with a passion for remembering names, place and people. “It’s comes from 40 years on the job” he explains over tea, clearly at ease with sharing his story with the inclusion of charm and good humour. This was an extraordinary tale of adventure and courage.

Director/Cameraman Dan Sellars
Sound and Vision Jez Curnow
Format: U-matic High Band – 10 minutes

Old Man of Coniston - The Blind Climber

Old Man of Coniston - The Blind Climber

Old Man of Coniston - The Blind Climber