One Dreadnought

One Dreadnought Buys 52 Dirigibles and 235 Aeroplanes” is a full-page diagram appearing in the 3 June 1911. Lovely perspective in this graphic. HT sciencebookstore blog

Kafka Reconsidered

Kafka Redesign and Reconsidered Graphic

Whenever I’m asked which authors I’d most like to design jackets for, I always say Kafka. I mention others too, but Kafka is usually the first to spring to my mind.

Enjoying these elegant reconsidered cover designs (Like a shop window into the brilliance of the novel) h/t Jacket Mechanical

Ask Yourself

A good way to slice up a tough question. Go ahead and ask yourself what it takes to visualize how to move your business/brand into the middle.

Props @bud_caddell