Things application

Here’s a good example of ‘simple is smart’ thinking in the form of a task management solution for the Mac. I particularly like it’s iTunes like simplicity. You easily understand that ‘adding and sorting your things to do’ lives in a section called focus (where you divide and conquer) and you naturally ‘collect’ these each day (that’s your in-box for today’s work load). Familiar mental models can help a user grasp the concept quickly and have a lasting impression on what your doing and why.

During this short trial I found myself liking how ‘projects’ are those bigger goals that allow nested activities. That makes perfect sense. Added to that, you’ve got obvious things like calenders and logbook features. Apparently a global shortcut allows you to accept a variety of document references. ‘Tags’ means things can be searched under particular names. Cultured Code from Germany have come up with a smart experience.

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