S3 Stats

You’d be remised for not checking out this awesome tool for running Amazon S3 Stats.

It’s helping us monitor our daily and monthly bandwidth totals on Amazon s3. Having moved all the heavy image and video files over to Amazon S3, we found it lacked a good web stats engine. Our greatest need is understanding bandwidth usage and location analysis. Stats now come alive with this tool. Use it to gain fresh insights by looking at your data and slicing/dicing your web server usage.


I can relate to somebody who says “As a statistics junkie, I just can’t say enough good things about this product. Ever since I moved my site’s images over to S3, I’ve felt like something was missing. Now, S3STAT has given me back my favorite obsession”

Every night, s3 stats downloads your access logs, translates them, sorts them, and runs them through Webalizer, the industry-standard web analytics reporting package. They take those processed log files and reports, and stick them right back into your Amazon S3 bucket for you to view. Easy. Smart and dependable like Amazon .

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