Form, Function

While a binary timepiece will certainly up your geek cred, it’s not very useful for providing at-a-glance information. Robert Dabi’s Zero concept above, however, remains simple, beautiful, and amazingly enough, useful, all that same time. Practical too if he can coax a batch of round LCD displays into a production run. More pics and video after the break.

Caught up with some amusing reader feedback:

Awful design: Forcing the user to add an extra decode step in order to adapt its function to their design narrative. The function of the device (time display in this case) should not be subsumed by the design. Period.

Designer: Robert Dabizero

Interstellar Projector

Reminiscent of a treasured sci-fi movie that often ends up influencing product design (inverse can often be true too).

David Riesenberg obviously had his head in the clouds when he dreamed up the OO High Definition Wireless Projector, but it’s not like we’re kvetching about his imagination’s ability to go far beyond the limits of most humans. For one thing, the concept 1080p projector looks (and lands) like a stunning orange UFO; for another, the specs are otherwordly. Should the device ever come to market, Reisenberg says it will pack SSD storage, WiFi and internal decoder chips into its svelte, 11-inch round carbon fiber frame, as well as three independently articulated legs for balance and a Li-ion battery for up to three hours of cord-free HD streaming and playback.

Designer: David Riesenberg via Engadget