Benjamin Zander: Conductor

Zander on Leadership and Management. A few brief foot notes from his inspiring TED talk and acclaimed book, The Art of Possibility. A deservedly renowned contributor to leadership studies:

* A leader cannot doubt, even for a single moment, the capacity of his followers to realize his vision. That is the only way to achieve success as a team.
* As a leader, it is important to keep awakening possibilities in his followers. Zander likened a leader’s role to that of a conductor, who cannot make music on his own, but is able to bring out the best in his musicians to create wonderful music.
* A successful leader always inspires his followers to be passionate and motivated, and these feelings are reflected in their shining eyes. To Zander, a leader’s success is not measured by his wealth, fame or power, but rather, the number of shining eyes he has around him.
* The same principle applies to children: If the eyes of one’s child are not shining, it is time to evaluate one’s effectiveness as a parent.
* It is important to always have the correct and positive perspective.


Eno/U2—‘No Line on the Horizon’ reaction after 48 hours kicking it around.

‘Magnificent’, play it loud, play it often. ‘Cedars Of Lebanon’ has a stirring, rumbling depth revealing platinum edged sophistication. “I’ll go crazy tonight” offers familar high energy twangs that are easy to absorb. “Moment of Surrender” offers delectable, delicate beauty. Frequently keep coming back to the headline act, “No Line on the Horizon”. Anton‘s cover photography has a delicate sensibility that permeates the music of this album.