Sync Film Ideas

This spot for Guardian is the genius for why we should be attempting this project.

This is kinda fun given that you could run an underwater scene giving you a peek at what they are supposedly doing, bit smutty but that’s the point of it, you tease content that makes you want to swap visions. Looking at this concept with the strict confines of a ‘technical director’ you have your choice of cameras, and the availability of getting a camera to find the action – look up, look down, zoom in…

This idea is exactly a mix of two channels in one. It’s almost a directors cut of the idea. See – this is exactly what I’m talking about. Interactivity allows you to unlock the secrets behind a particular perspective! Brilliant. This idea would work a treat.

What if the audio carries through each of the perspectives, allowing an animator to draw one of the films all in sync with the action. That would be fun! Imagine suddenly some of the flavor of say an early Terry Gilliam animation to what Matt Damon is saying about clubbing baby seals, shrapnel in his buddies ass, etc. It could be really delightful to jump in and out of these 2 perspectives. What if we subvert the words with new sanitized PR imagery, irony anyone?