Marissa Mayer on Charlie Rose

Ms. Mayer came off as someone who has an amazing combination of common sense and intellect that is rare in technology. It was interesting to hear her explain the development of Google’s products and how they have the user in mind. Mayer is earnest and charming, perhaps too charming. What’s her fascination with Roy Lichtenstein and pop art?

A comment on Charlie blog said:

There’s something depressing – even degrading – re social-computing. Even (or especially?) this. Face-book, twitter, myspace, yadda yadda. More demeaning, too-often witless, self-serving proselytizing political or commercial peddling.

Beyond mathematics, science etc the cost-benefit for computers plummets – possibly into negative territory. The diverted time and thought on vacuous social exchanges would doubtless go along way toward solving (their own?) problems.

Grid/Plane in Portland

Having lunch today with David DeCheser, loving his tip on grid/plane studio:

JD Hooge founded Gridplane to help clients bring their stories to life. Gridplane specializes in unifying practical user interaction with engaging design to craft unique experiences.

Over the past 10 years, JD has assembled a diverse portfolio of creative work for cultural institutions and companies large and small. Past clients include XBOX, Google, Sony, MTV, Helio, Nike, Starbucks, and Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

Bush on google search

Bush Statistics

For over two years now, US President, George Bush, has been topping Google searches for the term “miserable failure“. Now, all that’s about to change – what with Google having designed a new algorithm to minimize the impact of this ‘Google Bomb’.

Good Agile, Bad Agile

“Google is, obviously, a group of very smart people. But, as this post argues/asserts, if you can take just one tiny step back/out of Google-world, I think you will see these smart people are not living in the “real” world, by which I mean, *the world that their customers live in.* Blog