Comic Guru

Good advice from comics guru Scott McCloud. So much good stuff in this TED talk, but here’s something that sticks out to me. Three types of vision:

1. Vision based on what one can not see (unseen and unknowable)
2. Vision based on what has been proven (or has been seen)
3. Vision based on what can be, what may be based on knowledge (but is not yet proven)
What Scott is saying is that there are many ways to pursue a vision based on what can/may be. People are doing this in science, the arts, politics, personal endeavors, etc. What it all comes down to, says scott, is this:

* Learn from everyone
* Follow no one
* Watch for patterns
* Work like hell

These four guidelines will take you far indeed as you create your own life story.

h/t @presentationzen

Daring Mystery 8

Wow. Now I’m hunting down an original.

Daring Mystery #8 (January 1942) art by Jack Kirby

Daring Mystery had a rather sporadic schedule.

Issue #7 came out seven months after the previous issue and it would take an additional nine months for #8 to be released. What a difference an issue made. Daring Mystery #6 was produced shortly after Simon and Kirby started working for Timely. It included a Fiery Mask story, a hero Joe Simon created for Timely as a freelance artist when he had just started in the comic book business. DM #7 came out shortly after Captain America #1, Simon and Kirby’s first big hit. Issue #8 came out the same month as Cap #10, after which Simon and Kirby moved on to working for DC.

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