Enjoying these fleeting moments of a city. It’s Groningen Netherlands.

This is the very first project by Groningen based arts duo DocterSterkenburg. Christiaan Docter is a filmcomposer and Jonathan Sterkenburg is a cinematographer. This very first project is a tribute to the city of Groningen, Netherlands

Hat tip to @brainpicker

EX-1 with Arri matte box

This EX-1 HD camera would have to be one of the nicest additions to any design studio or production company.Talk about pure creative genius with a beautifully small form factor. Very admirable.

It’s an EX-1 HD video camera from Sony which National Geographic incidentally just approved for HD broadcast. Put an Arri matte box on it for a slew of filters and applicable attachments for any commercials shoot. Conversely, it can be stripped down and you could blend into the crowd on a documentary project. I prefer a less auspicious display of hardware personally. It’s about six-seven grand (dollars) plus change for the camera.

Audi Q5 Identity Thief

Really enjoyed the irony here of the car park filled with identical Lexus cars.

It occurred to me that the new Audi Q5 is hardly a radical departure to those brown models it’s supposedly superseding. Okay, beautiful lights, better lines and great dashboard. Beautiful camera moves framing the action, stunningly simple and effective (pull-focus/assumed POV and those dramatic car turns).

Obviously aimed at lulling professional women (or wannabe femme fatales) into a Hitchcock suspenseful twist. Be daring. Be different.