Moleskine iPad

Impressive new moleskin concept.

Impressive new moleskin concept

Stay relevant in the digital age by solving the case problem and allowing the usage of handwritten notes to compliment the benefits of digital media. Like it, not sure it will grow beyond a niche market. According to Gadling’s coverage of the launch:

The way we saw it, it was Moleskine vs. the inevitable march of 1s and 0s that would eventually consume us all. No longer (actually, Moleskine already sells a Kindle cover, but we’re temporarily ignoring that for argument’s sake). Moleskine just announced a Digital Covers line of hybrid notebooks that include a pad of regular, “legendary” notebook paper alongside a cozy spot for your i-device of choice. Will this combination (some might say compromise) make you smarter, your prose more concise, your beard more intellectual? Of course it will. But at what cost? Sure, literature survived the decline of penmanship with the emergence of Mark Twain and his typewriter, and Douglas Adams championed the Macintosh to no end, but now that Moleskine has gone and sullied its own reputation we’re finally ready to just go ahead and say it: the novel is dead.

Buy it from Amazon for $79.95

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