Galicia Coast

Galicia, a mountainous region of Spain with a rugged coastline combining high cliffs (some of the highest in Europe) with beautiful sand beaches.

Great surfing and write up recommended here:

Away from the few populated areas you will find stretches of beach all to yourself, even in summer. Most breaks are beach/point breaks with a few reefs located in the N of Galicia and a good spot, Patos (close to Playa America) in the SW. Exploration will pay off whatever time of year. Climate can be frustrating in Winter especially with high winds and rainfall.

Earn the “Great Outdoors” badge. If this were karate, I’d be a black belt.

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  1. You know and I know that “new” inspiration in life sometimes take a few years, sometimes months or frankly just a few quick days, hours or minutes to reveal itself. These islands are the latter. Amazing.

  2. I can’t imagine a place more moving than the Galicia Coast. Such breathtaking views here. It makes me just want to get in the car and drive… get there for a weekend or, gosh, forever could be nice too. Have something to drink and read and someone to snuggle up to!

  3. cute black dress for the beach

    Grew up around the coast of Spain! Never thought much about spending the day in a bikini or indeed going around in a light summer dress (without a bra). When I met my husband, LOL, summer dresses were a turn-on/hit. The dress goes on, next, um, the dress comes off! LOL 🙂

  4. I would like to move to Spain now please! I didn’t realize in my wildest dreams that the coast of Spain was that beautiful and still so rugged. We are vacationing in the U.K. next year and we might have to take some extra time to see Spain, at least for a weekend. 🙂

  5. I love spain and have not long come back from ibiza and marbella this year. But this just made me want to visit the city again..and the country! Beautiful photos and love the explanation!!

  6. Gorgeous pics. I actually have this beach on my travel bucket list and these are by far some of the most beautiful shots I’ve seen of it.

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