Art and Science

I’m just not too sure Gucci intended this to go this far, right? (click to skip the smoking canister)

Clearly a provocative image, likely re-released to become a viral sensation.  Gucci obviously took it upon themselves to race to the bottom of the heap. But why?

Branding Brands put it concisely:

As we all know, understand, and imagine; Gucci sells sex. Since 1994 when Tom Ford took over Gucci the company had one clear message “sex!” It was the sexual revolution of women lead by Tom Ford who’s dream was who’s dream was to empower women on a sexual level.


This recent campaign follows a simple undeniable trend: Sex sells. Gucci rose out of what seemed certain bankruptcy to one of the most popular and successful luxury fashion retailers.

Although controversial the original provocative ad campaigns by the “then” creative director Tom Ford ensured his message of sexual empowerment became a series of intriguing ads.

But let us be clear about the “now” brand message under new leadership of Frida, Gucci is a beacon of luxury taste, a fashion role model with a halo of respect. The imagination runs wild on Gucci’s seductive visuals, never the explicit. Sure my own righteousness is questionable.

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  1. The contorted posture of the models in the advertising campaigns, alongside the unusual upward tilt of the camera angle, reinforces the bionic, futuristic and yet still sexy appeal of the clothes and accessories.

    dan sellars

    White-hot clothes against a vibrant electric blue sea and sky are pretty stunning. All the shots completely capture the lifestyle, the image, the brand persona. The models, Natasha Poly and Ryan Kennedy look great, their looks completely personify Gucci.

    Gucci brings back their original 70′s logo and tags the super Evan Rachel Wood in this last campaign for the Guilty fragrance.

    1. I’ll be honest, it would be a pleasure to be asked to photograph for Gucci.

      They have the most amazing locations. I just expected a little less agent provocateur, more seductive dramatic narratives, and a strong femme fatale that maybe switches it all up. Strong, confident women who are in control figuratively. More sultry. Less slutty.

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