Merlin Mann

This is the SOUND OF AMERICA. Merlin Mann talks about the process of doing creative work, and particularly how to abandon the quest for perfection, get off your butt and get started. I think I understand the premise of his thesis coined the “seduction community”.

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  1. People quotes best describe the passion for Marlin’s talk:

    “Sure, the keyboard jockey! But in the end, it’s about developing your own strong identity to become whom you want to be (inner game), and knowing how to convey your personality to other people (outer game). Merlin, you can make fun of concepts you read about in Wikipedia (really?).

    “I’ve heard Merlin talk about creativity and been a reader of 43 Folders for awhile, but this talk resonated with me in a way that made my ears perk up, made me sit in my chair straight, and feel like I was listening to something important.

    It’s a simple truth Merlin preaches – just sit down and do something, and really do it. And do it without paying attention to that gnawing fear of failure. But the lesson hit me in a way it really hasn’t before. I sort of feel like a changed person afterward. Or at least that I’ll be approaching my creative work with an entirely new lens.”

    Thanks to @gravitywins for the props via SOF

    The game is about giving VALUE. Real, legitimate, positive value.
    Thus, as I see it, Merlin is – in a way – one of us, because that’s exactly what he is about (and why I respect him as much).”

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