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It’s often a rather painstaking task getting a collective set of images to feel uniquely ‘unified’ and seemingly ‘united’ all at the same time. I think Kayak did a pretty decent job. Like everything that Kayak does, it’s driven by the needs, voices and behaviors of the users. I’m citing the elegant words of Yung Chun, who’s a director running product for hotels.

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  1. I actually remember writing Paul English (CTO) giving him polite feedback on the new logo (which seemed arguably at odds with the rest of Kayak’s experience). Long story short, his gracious reply gave me faith that Kayak were actually listening to it’s growing tribe of loyal users. One can easily say that you can _easily_ improve upon this initial Kayak team photo find. I agree. I’ll endeavor to add a good bunch of other examples. Oh, yet another frame of reference archive to build.

  2. This is particularly old school approach from our friends over at Arnold. Poloroid’s in a digital age? It’s interpretative for warm spirited/analogue but in the end most people will likely just think old hat. Come on Troy.


  3. Method present a crisp, clean, professional design image. But I must confess, I’m honestly not feeling the integration of this leadership team, it’s part design of the page, part common thread which unites them as one with creative direction and a sense of humanity.

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