Standing Up

NYTimes reports in the article “Is All That Sitting Really Killing Us?” the associated heath risks of sitting down for long stretches. It takes courage to stand up at work. I’m not talking about sticking your neck out, speaking truth to power or anything else so dramatic. I mean it literally; it is hard to find a way to work standing up at your desk instead of sitting down.

I know this because I’ve spent several weeks trying to find the perfect way to work at my computer without a chair. (It truly feels odd at first, almost like cooking) The search was not quixotic; standing up is in vogue. Medical researchers (seeking out this particular research paper) have found that people who stand at work tend to be much healthier than those who sit, and there’s a large online subculture of stand-up fanatics who swear that getting rid of your chair will change your life. But I wasn’t just looking for better health; standing, I hoped, would also improve how I work.

Several video editors I know stand up, several have resumed an all round better posture by balancing on a yoga ball. In the end, it’s a matter of what you’re prepared to do to experiment with new choices and ideas.

Change is good, it’s a healthly fact.

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  1. I’d like to try this too. Lately,I become so tired even when I’m always sitting down my couch. My back hurts. This is nice. Gonna have this soon.

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