Nine principles of Miyamoto

Book of Five Rings” written by the great Samurai warrior Miyamoto Musash, who in this book sets down the secrets of his legendary success – timeless principles of craft, skill, timing and spirit and that result in victory. His emphasis on strategic thinking, concentration, appropriate caution, choice of weapon and work ethic.

The Book talks about the Japanese approach to life and Zen forms the central part of most of the Japanese philosophies. This book is widely read by American business community as a text on Japanese management techniques. Finally as the book says that practicing Heiho (Musashi’s way of living and doing things)

“You can attain an understanding with which to win against ten thousand.”

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  1. “You can attain an understanding with which to win against ten thousand.”

    It is said that beginning at the age of thirteen, Musashi had bouts with sixty swordsmen before the age of thirty, and he never lost in any of these individual encounters. However, practicing Heiho demands a lot of discipline and focus. Musashi lists down NINE conditions before you actually start practicing Heiho:

    He who wishes to undertake the study of my Heiho should be aware of the following:

    FIRST: Do not harbor sinister designs.
    SECOND: Diligently pursue the path of Niten Ichiryu (School of two swords)
    THIRD: Cultivate a wide range of interests in the arts.
    FOURTH: Be knowledgeable in a variety of occupation.
    FIFTH: Be discreet regarding one’s commercial dealings.
    SIXTH: Nurture the ability to perceive the truth in all matters.
    SEVENTH: Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.
    EIGHTH: Do not be negligent, even in trifling matters.
    NINTH: Do not engage in useless activity.

    Undoubtedly the nine principles of miyamoto can be the key to our success if we follow each and every word of it diligently.

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