Google finds you

Reputation management for your personal brand:

Google results are your new resume whether you’re going on a date, getting a job, or representing your company. Reputation management is the new personal branding. Here’s some tips on emancipating your reputation. It’s not EASY – but it’s better than having a video of someone singing bad karaoke ranking for your name.

Some know issues about putting your ideas/thinking online: People trust other people’s opinions more than your own. Often, other people’s websites can have more link authority than your own websites. With those two guiding propositions you should be able to muster enough link traffic to rescue your Google listing. Don’t fret, follow these 10 steps and think carefully about the importance of building the right sort of credible name for yourself online. Terrible search results are allotted like bad karaoke, but they can be avoided.

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  1. Is link authority dead, that’s the topic of conversation over at

    “”There’s a very long list of applications — RSS, widgets, mobile, apps — and kinds of content — video, podcasts — but also of new sorts of measurements — such as influence, meme-starting, involvement, creation, engagement, popularity — that aren’t even being tackled. And there are new dimensions that need to be explored, such as measuring a person’s trust, influence, or even fame across many platforms, sites, applications, and so on.”

    Brian suggests a multilateral approach that includes PageRank, inbound links, subscribers, content focus, update frequency, comment numbers, numbers of friends, number of Twitter followers, number of LinkedIn contacts, photos and videos uploaded.

    And if so, life on the web just got a whole lot more complicated, hair is about to become whiter, or fall out, or be pulled out, especially if you’ve invested the last decade in traditional SEO. In other words, it’s complicated.

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