Monticello Dam

Incredible sight of Monticello Dam draining (Lake Berryessa, CA) photographs #scifi #bathtub

Incredible way of controlling overflow to prevent dam spills

This bathtub drain spillway last saw action May 2006 due to low rainfall. Try to comprehend the magnitude of it’s size. The hole diameter is 72ft (22m) wide whilst the critical drop is 280ft (86m). That’s a man-made monster of humongous proportions.

Gives you a better sense of size with two people next to it
In summer, it’s full size is apparent
At the base
Breathtaking product feature

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  1. To give you an idea of the kind of structure, this image below is a similar design from Germany. Our thanks to Dave (daveatsea2002) for helping us to duly credit the correct this omission. We included since we felt it provides a similar feel for what they did in California.

    The Glory Hole” as local’s call it – This Bathtub Drain Spillway last saw action May 2006 due to low rainfall – DRAIN diameter 72ft (22m) wide & FALL is 280ft (86m) – Lake Level @ 440.89ft – 0.89 feet over spillway edge – Highest Lake level recorded over 446ft – DAM behind the HOLE holds Lake Level to 455.5ft – Top of DAM 456ft

  2. Hi, resident of SF here and big fan (if that’s possible?) of the spillway. Thanks for mentioning its massive size – the 72′ opening really Never, Ever, looks that big in photos. Think of something 72′ wide, the lot your house is on, perhaps, or the broadest street your city, then think of it fitting into that opening!!

    Anyway, I write because that last photo from Dan Sellers, the one of the dry lakebed and “funnel” is not here in California, I believe that photo is of a dam in Germany:

  3. Whoa! This is really amazing. A sight like that is incredibly a masterpiece. I wonder if someone fell there? But this really amazed me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don’t think this is possible. Looks like a photoshop job to me. Yes, the round cement looks like a clear explanation, but I dunno about that. Where does the water go to?

  5. I would imagine the bottom of the spillway looks like the hole my sump pump is in underneath my house. I had to change it out this year and was expecting all kinds of muck and who-knows-what-else, but it was surprisingly clean and just covered with some pebbles. The water actually looked potable even for how much is was always moving.

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