Knots and Ties

Looking for elegant diagrams and illustrations for how to tie a knot. This was the best of the bunch:

How to tie a knot with a silk tieDid you know a Prince Albert from a Half Windsor? I’m afraid I’m at a loss with all but the standard tie knot. Nice diagram.

The Windsor, or double Windsor knot, is named after the Duke of Windsor, who made this tie knot popular. The double Windsor knot is the ideal choice for dress shirts with wide collar spread. If you need to fill that gap of a shark or Kent collar, choose this knot! The double Windsor necktie knot is a very popular knot, but it will also require some practice; therefore it is more suitable for the experienced tie wearer.

Daniel Craig sporting the right kind of tie or even Halle Berry’s respected GQ cover. What matters is knowing the right knot to tie.

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  1. Allison Stokke respected state champion from Norwalk of California has broken five national records. The image that is causing a national sensation tying everyone in knots seemed to us like any strong athletic women ready to pole volt.

    The above photo at a track meet has made Stokke the latest Internet “it” girl, because people in cyberspace think of her very differently. In less than a month, a virtual slide show of still photos has taken her image around the world, bringing her nothing but unwanted attentions all of a sudden.

  2. My dad taught me how to do the windsor years ago. other than that, I haven’t learned much. Kind of cool to see these how-tos, though. It looks like a great guide. Maybe I can tie something cool later.

  3. This is a very helpful post indeed! I used to where a day every day for many years but a car accident and closed head injury has has me looking online for the basics to tying a tie. Now I’ll just click here and have more knots than I need! Thanks Dan!

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