Intel and Otellini

Marketwatch reporting today:

Otellini reaffirmed the company’s plan to introduce a 32 nanometer production technology in the second half of the year, saying, “We’ve always believed that the best way to successfully emerge from recessions is with tomorrow’s products, not by standing still with today’s.”

Intel, please help us by describing what attributes make for desirable products that people truly love to use? I call this going beyond the nanometer yard stick.

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  1. Faster, more abundant supply of low-carbon emission based computers that get us on the road towards saving the world’s resources. Are Intel’s fabrication processes carbon-neutral, does anyone have any information on how to find this important fact out?

  2. Carbon Footprint Label
    Can you imagine a label that actually predicts the carbon footprint of the product? Liking this burger carbon fact label:

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