Greenpeace Climbs

Greenpeace chief climbs oil rig to protest against Arctic drilling on Friday.

Greenpeace forces British firm to shut down Arctic oil rig: Activists chain themselves 50ft above freezing ocean.

Sim McKenna, from the US, who is one of the climbers, said: ‘We’ve got to keep the energy companies out of the Arctic and kick our addiction to oil, that’s why we’re going to stop this rig from drilling for as long as we can.

‘The BP Gulf oil disaster showed us it’s time to go beyond oil. ‘The drilling rig we’re hanging off could spark an Arctic oil rush, one that would pose a huge threat to the climate and put this fragile environment at risk.’ The breach triggered an automatic shutdown of the rig’s operations. The activists are still on the rig and will be arrested, said police spokesman Morten Nielsen. ‘When someone breaks the law – and it has happened here – the person or persons will be prosecuted,’ Nielsen said by telephone from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

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