Finding *your* voice

Illuminating Seth Godin quote:

Find your voice Marketing (in all its forms) is unlike everything else an organization does, because it’s always different. There’s no manual because everyone does it differently, and what successful marketers have in common is that they are successful.

The only way your organization is going to make an impact is to market in the way only you can. Not by following some expert’s rules or following the herd, but by doing it in the way that works. For you. Don’t worry about someone else’s invented standards for new media, invent your own. Avoid obvious mistakes, don’t follow obvious successes.

You know what, I’ve always know this, but it’s really hard to quell the fear that my voice wouldn’t be heard for all the shouting and noise in the world. Writing and thinking about user experience/art/design/narrative has oddly enough given me far more self-confidence and respect for my own opinion.

You know, I’m pretty proud to be curious about the world in which we live and I constantly look for stories that teach us all humility. I say be yourself, find your voice. Tell us about what you think/feel about it all. I’ll be listening out for it.

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