Edges Matters

When it comes to distinguish yourself, edges matter a lot as that’s what people notice. You can play it safe and be in the center and probably get moved to the sidelines. Someone else will take the risk, go to the edges and finally end up in the center stage. At the center you follow what is popular. At the edges, you set a new trend. At the center you follow the rules. At the edges, you create new rules.

At the center lies the common. At the edges, you explore the uncommon. At the center, you are with the known. At the edges, you start getting familiar with the unknown. At the center, you comply. At the edges, you create. At the center, you try to conquer. At the edges, you try to contribute. At the center, you are safe but not going anywhere. At the edges, there is risk but that’s where you see the world of possibilities.

Hat Tip: Arun Nithyanandam

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