Divergent + Convergent Ideas

Ideas Worth Sharing? Obviously that’s an improved TED’s tag line but it got us thinking about ‘lens’ and ‘filters’ on what we share, to whom and why, especially in this twitter frenzy world. Concepts like ‘pass it forward’ are certainly nice gestures to the community. Keep it simple/smart is our philosophy, ask yourself today how to be USEFUL, with your relationships, your designs, to your users, now step it up, ask yourself how to be VALUABLE?

Tim Brown (IDEO) talking about PLAY and CREATIVITY. In essence: It’s the need for playful ideas to firstly branch out in large quantities before rightfully converging, revealing deeper insights and sparks of excitement. His talk about the need for PLAY is a central theme of IDEO. This really is a philosophy that accidental experiments happen during the course of designing, which spark new ideas, which lead to better big picture thinking. I wish Tim had cited more frames of reference to fully bake this idea into more tangible terms. Great talk.

David MacKinnon view on creativity

Full disclosure: Tim taught as a guest lecturer on our RCA CRD course in London.

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  1. Tim in this clip from IDEAS PROJECT asserts that communications technology is leading us back to the kind of participation economy that existed before the industrial revolution such that a great product or service is no longer defined as something where the customer doesn’t have to do anything.

    A good service will be defined as one that draws customers in as participants. Nice concept, but now let’s examine what firms are winning at this game –firms that actively encourages participation with their brand, or product development—Howies and Patagonia (two outdoor clothing company) are actively seeking a dialogue from consumers and all levels.

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