Daring class

DARE by name and nature, UK Royal Navy is now plugged into the ethos and kudos by announcing a new type 45 ship called HMS Daring. It’s a powerful new approach to defensive and counter-insurgency on the high seas.

HMS Daring, the first of six Type 45 Anti Air Warfare Destroyers in production for the Royal Navy, has docked at its homeport of Portsmouth for the first time.

It has been hailed by its creators as the most powerful and advanced vessel of its kind. As a class of warship, destroyers have historically been small, agile ships designed to protect larger, slower convoys and strike groups from airborne and naval threats. Since the end of World War II, destroyers have steadily grown, both in size and in terms of firepower.

HMS Daring is no exception to this trend. The Type 45 destroyer’s primary mission is air defence, a role that its arsenal reflects. The Principal Anti Air Missile System (Paams) is the Type 45’s primary weapons platform and is designed to combat enemy missile attacks on ships.

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