Bruce Sterlings alter-ego

From the fevered mind of Bruce Sterling and his alter-ego, Bruno Argento, a consideration of things ahead. Seed Magazine have allowed the two of them to put forth frank and honest ideas about our collective future. We should all appreciate such diametrically opposite points of view.

2009 Will Be a Year of Panic ! America’s harshly competitive, highly individualistic society has scarcely any grasp of “solidarity.” Likely they imagine “Solidarity” has something to do with Polish anti-communism. But no, “solidarity” is a feeling of natural affinity with the unjustly oppressed. One could call it benevolence. Or one could describe it as a wary, street-smart understanding that some fellow citizen just caught it in the neck for no good reason, and that you yourself could easily be next.

Two versions of the same article, one written by Bruce, the other from Bruno who apparently is living in Turin, Italy. The universe in 2009 is a cool little navigation device for giving you a browser based view of the entire magazine’s flagship content stories. It’s beautiful playing with the navigation header and watching all the elements light up and come into focus. High recommend you play with it.

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