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  1. That chart is clever. It took me a few seconds to work out how to read the humor.

    I get in, summer time is when actual and perceived attractiveness jumps off the charts. Nice. And in fall/winter we all sulk around, with maybe just a few *slutty-dress* halloween costume to admire.

    summertime babes

    Great article on why that’s NOT a good idea

    Yes, some women wear very eye-popping outfits on Halloween. However, our vision is clouded by sequins, ass and Velcro tails. The real scene is not actually seen. Some girls strive for that acceptable slutty costume and miss the big picture; costumes are meant to mimic someone or something else. Those are the ones you want to avoid.

  2. OK, gents:

    Picking up a girl on Halloween is like finding Waldo in a world full of hacky whored-out Waldos. They all look the same, but it takes a lot of investigating to find out which is genuine. Take the high road and don’t run after the girl who is pretty much naked.

    Go easy. It’s not slut, it just a sexually liberated, free woman.

  3. Miranda Kerr is gorgeous, but I think women should opt for looks that fit their bodies and style. Besides, she was a VS angel… Um, that’s sort of hard to live up to!

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