Trace of Time

Conceptual simple/smart product from RCA ID graduation show student Il-Gu Cha

A planning clock for office or studio, “The Trace of Time” clock not only tells the time but provides a place for users to make notes: The face of the clock is made of glass and stainless steel. Messages are erased by means of the integrated eraser.

Reactions and comments:

“This idea is incredibly simple yet incredibly stupid at the same time, awesome!”

“People have had whiteboards for years, and they are preferable because they self erase themselves if you’ve decided to put something off etc etc”

“Someone is getting laid at 8pm tonight.”

“The way that the word “genius” is used in that first sentence drives me crazy.I prefer to think of this as made for procrastinators.

“Deadline? What deadline?”

If your passing through London follow your nose down to the excellent Summer Show at the Royal College of Art. Teaching staff [Platform 12] Sam Hecht, Durrell Bishop, Andre Klauser.

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