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  1. Is your passion restoring and driving old sports cars?

    #Idea 1 Don’t get a job you’re passionate about. Instead, get a job that will give you time and money to follow and enjoy doing what you’re passionate about. #Idea 2 But if you love your job, and it gives you money, time and happiness then that job is no longer a job. It is your passion!

    Some people will vehemently disagree. Pursuing ones calling or passion is the greatest sacrifice one can make for ones self. The decreased value of university endowments simply indicates a need to invent other ways to pursue our passions while still contributing to our community or society as a whole.

    This one line nails it in the Harvard Business Review article:

    And as the jobless generation grows up, we realize the grand betrayal of the false idols of passion. This philosophy no longer works for us, or at most, feels incomplete. So what do we do? I propose a different frame of reference: Forget about finding your passion. Instead, focus on finding big problems.

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