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  1. This is what I thought of the book (amazon.com):

    “Such inspiring stories are enough to make you stop and wonder. For me, it was about understanding how these truly remarkable people came to be empowered to make a difference in the world. These are unique scientific/exploration projects. Feel privileged to follow them in Siberia, Bangladesh, Peru, Chile, Thailand and the Indianan Oceans. Kudos to Rolex, the sponsoring company behind the program.”

  2. Original text introducing the book:

    Thirty years ago Rolex created the biennial Awards for Enterprise to honour outstanding individual achievements in science, technology, exploration, environment and cultural heritage.

    Out of thousands of contenders, ten people from across the globe are singled out by a team of scientists, explorers and specialists of the highest international caliber for their dedicated and passionate contributions to a fascinating spectrum of research and humanitarianism.

    In keeping with previous awards, the 12th series presents a breathtakingly broad range: from reviving an ancient tradition of embroidery in a remote corner of India to establishing a school for nomads in Siberia; from saving a rare bird species in Thailand to creating a database for whale sharks, each project provides an enriching insight into an overlooked or undiscovered aspect of the natural or human world.

    Brought to life by specially commissioned photographs and accessible texts written by a top team of international journalists, Pioneering Spirits commemorates the unique and life-enhancing projects of a very special group of people and celebrates humanity’s unstinting search for knowledge.

    ‘Human beings are very ingenious and there seems to be no end to the very exciting projects that can be produced in every field of endeavor.’ Sir Edmund Hillary, former Selection Committee member

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