Art Fragrance


A new perfume that jets out a bright blue scent and looks more like a can of graffiti paint than a high-end eau de toilette.

Wode, by British design label Boudicca, is shocking cobalt blue in color and lingers on the skin and clothes for a few minutes, before the vibrant color magically fades. As the spray dries, the color disappears. Wode is supposedly based upon the war paint a certain warrior queen was fabled to wear into battle. The name Wode is also a small play on words. “Woad”is a plant extract that turns blue when exposed to oxygen and was also used in ancient British tribal markings. The scent itself is laden with notes of tuberose, amber, cardamom, clary sage and also hemlock

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  1. From YouTube – “A Killer”, all his victims and crimes – Found in the Platform13 Library. The story unfolded by looking through random books to compile a Story/Film/Evidence. This was a film comissioned by Fashion in Film Festival London ‘If Looks could Kill’ 10-31 May 2008. The composer – Daniel Pemberton.

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