One Reply to “The Offical Card of Perfection”

  1. How could I have done this? I’ve let him down, I’m let him down.

    It doesn’t make any sense. Look at it. There’s no life to it. Oh look my nephew. Say cheese! Good direction Marty. Here, this one, interesting. It’s far too too nostalgic. What do you think? Shop Guy: “It’s pretty?” Composition is forced. Lighting is bad, angle is off.

    Too literal, too violent, too metaphorical, too dark, here, we have the protaganists but the antagonist? Huh. Where’s the drama? Moaning. Hand in hands. Unavoidable. Got to reshoot.Hands over card. Hey Timmy, It’s your uncle marty. How’d you like turn 5 again?

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