This is reality

A lot has happened since the Reality Campaign launched to call out the coal industry for their dirty lies. Just last week, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to reconsider carbon dioxide regulation — a serious wake up call to the coal industry. Submit your own idea and help us push the coal industry to come clean about dirty coal.

Now with a new and improved label! New Reality ad directed by the Academy-award winning Coen Brothers.

5 Replies to “This is reality”

  1. CO2 emissions from U.S. coal-based electricity are greater than emissions from all the cars and trucks in America.
    “GHG Emissions and Sinks 1990-2006,” US EPA 2008

  2. “While you might have heard the phrase ‘clean’ coal during the presidential campaign, it’s actually an oxymoron.” Brian Williams, NBC News, Nov 18, 2008

  3. “Without the price on greenhouse gas emissions that is delivered by cap-and-trade mechanisms, CO2 capture and storage will remain a daydream.” Jeroen van der Veer, CEO of Shell. July 2008 Madrid. Shell, “Delivering Energy for Sustainable Growth. The European Perspective,” The 19th World Petroleum Congress Plenary Session, Madrid, June 30, 2008.

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